Curriculum Coverage

As a school we have adopted, and been working with the Cornerstones Curriculum for the past several years now.  The approach to teaching and learning through Cornerstones is topic based and allows for learning across the entire breadth of the curriculum.  We use the topics to inspire your children to want to learn, develop empathy and enjoy their learning and time in school.  If we can make learning fun it is far easier to learn - an engaged and motivated child is more likely to reach their potential.

This approach allows us to provide memorable experiences for the children in order to develop their learning, apply their skills and showcase their work.  We do not, however, solely rely upon Cornerstones; professional judgement, subject coverage and skills checks informs and allows teachers to adapt and utilise the curriculum, ensuring children are taught the full range of appropriate skills for their age group.  Discreet lessons can be taught to ensure that all areas of the curriculum are thoroughly covered.

Within Key Stage 1 we use a variety of strategies to help children learn to read and use and develop their phonics knowledge.  Amongst the resources we use are Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics, Jolly Readers, Dandelions and Oxford Reading Tree phonics/readers.

 Below you will find Parent Letters and Topic Webs for the topics your children are learning term by term.  If you would like to view samples of the Cornerstones curriculum please ask in writing and relevant examples for your child's age group will be made available.


We currently have 36 children in year 6 with us. 

29 are able to swim a length using a combination of different strokes; A further three swimmers are able to swim 20 metres and will have achieved their length by Christmas. 81% are able to swim a full length


Two swimmers that were severely water phobic are now able to swim using aids and are beginning to swim a few metres unaided.

32 out of 36 can demonstrate the techniques for a range of strokes. 89% are able to swim using a range of strokes.

2018-19 KS1