We had a fantastic time in school when Darren from Roots to Food visited us again in school.  Key Stage 2 had a cooking competition in the morning, the Green Team v Orange Team, whilst Key Stage 1 took part in activities in the afternoon!  The children had a great time.  The meals that were produced with just 15 minutes cooking time were very well presented and really tasty!  

Last time we had an Italian dish of pan fried chicked with pasta and a tomato ragu and cheese and chive salmon fish cakes produced by the teams.  This time around the teams produced Tandoori spiced salmon and twice cooked parmesan chicken.  All of the dishes have been full of flavour and definitely worth a try at home (I can personally recommend the salmon fish cakes and Tandoori spiced salmon)... I'm sure the children would love to help you cook them.  Please click the links below for the recipes and a selection of photos taken during the day.






End of Term Awards

At Horton Kirby, we like to acknowledge our achievements. Each week someone from every class is nominated by their class teacher and then awarded a certificate in our Celebration Assembly.

At the end of terms 2, 4 and 6, we have special awards for our achievements which are linked to our values; Respect, Responsibility, Resilience & Reflection.

A new award was introduced to the school in 2015. The award will be given to a child each year who has shown to be following our values and has stood out for this. In its first year, the award was given to Charlotte McGreevy. Charlotte had never, in the seven years she had been at Horton Kirby, missed a day of school. She always has a positive attitude to everything she does and continually shows respect to both adults and her peers. Charlotte was awarded a shield that will stay in school but will have her name added to it, along with the names of children in the future who are awarded the shield. It was decided to give the award a name and so it will be known as the “McGreevy Award."

Last year our award winner was Aimee Porter.  Aimee's kindness, attitude and respect towards others is exemplary.  She has shown a consistent approach towards others and school life in general and has been a delight to have in our school, she was given the award for upholding our values of Respect and Responsibility.

McGreevy Award Winners

2014/15 - Charlotte McGreevy

2015/16 - Mia Poulter

2016/17 - 

2017/18 - Imogen Gambrill & Perran Goodwin

2018/19 Aimee Porter



Library Club

Miss Cramer's library club is great fun!  We recently had a 'Boy's Only!' session (Miss Cramer became an honourary boy for the lunchtime!).  We enjoyed sharing and reading a new selection of comics and books to each other.


            Every Remembrance Day, 11th November,  KS2 go to the village hall  to have a Remembrance Day service.  If Remembrance Day falls on a weekend we have the Local British Legion in on the Friday for a service.

        When we got to the village hall a lady called Christine normally introduces us to the RBL (Royal British Legion). On one occasion the lady introduced us to Mr Bartlett and he told us about his Uncle Charles and his dad. Uncle Charles had three children: Bettie, Pam and Dorrie. Uncle Charles was shot in the war and did not return home.

         After that, the major recited the fourth verse of a poem:


They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old,

Age shall not weary them, not the years condemn,

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.


           Then, the rocket went off. In the two minutes silence we had to stand at ease. Standing at ease was feet slightly apart and hands behind your back. Afterwards, the rocket went off to indicate the end of the two minutes silence.


           The kind people of the RBL gave us an apple and orange, apple or blackcurrant juice to eat while a man told some of us a story about a poisonous snake lying across his feet while he was in the shower. Then we went back to school.

We would like to say, 'Thank You!' to all of the brave service men and women that have helped our country in the past, are doing so in the present and will do so in the future!